Dealership Agreement:

• Sponsorship $1000
• Free setup and vending at all tracks, except for normal spectator and camping fee’s.
• Joint marketing on website, Instagram, race flyer and advertising
•Huge series end award banquet.
•Dealer agrees to redeem PacWest Bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be a member to compete in the Pac West MX Series?

A: Yes.  Points will be cumulative. Each round counts for series points. 

Buy Membership Here

•$15 entry fee (6 and under free non-rider)
•$40 race entry
•$35 Power/Water RV ( If Available)
•$20 Dry camping
•$35 practice fee Saturday
•$5 spectator fee Saturday
•$35 Membership paid to PWPG, LLC

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  • $35 dollars per year.
  • All Points Cumulative, All Rounds Count, No Minimum Requirement
  • Contingency.
  • $10 Pac-west moto-bucks for all participants per entry. Good to redeem at all sponsoring dealerships.
  • Huge series end awards for the riders and dealership teams.
  • Series T-shirt.
  • ​Pro Purse will be 200% for 250/450 Unlimited. 100% for 25+ 30+
  • ​PacWest will add $150 Per Overall for 250/450 Unlimited Per Round​

(Total $3600, $450 Per Round)

Race Classes and Fee’s:

•50cc Beg, 50cc 4-6, 50cc 7-8, 50cc Open, 65cc 7-9, 65cc 10-11, 65cc Open, 85cc Beg, 85cc 9-11, 85cc 12-13, 85cc 9-13 Open, Supermini, Schoolboy, College boy, 125cc, 250 Beg, Jr, Int, Pro. 450 Beg, Jr, Int, Pro. Unlimited Beg, Jr, Int, Pro. 30+ Jr/Int, Pro. 40+ Jr/Int, Pro, 50 Masters. Girls up to 13, Woman’s 14+

30 + Beginner

​25 + Jr/ Intermediate

​25+ Pro​