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Saturday is Practice- Sunday is the Race

Formed by Ryan Villopoto (9 time AMA SX/MX Champion & GHORV Owner, Brent Davis (GHORV Owner) and Brian Nilsen (Moto-west & Brothers Powersports Owner). Seeing the need for change in the Washington motocross scene. They banded together and developed a series that will benefit the tracks, Dealerships and riders.

"Getting the dealership back involved in racing and back to the track is what is needed." -BN

"Giving the power back to the tracks so that they can be profitable so they can continue to operate and grow." -BD

"Having a series everyone can finish. Sunday race days so shops can also complete." -RV

"Limiting the amount of races so races aren’t working on top of each other." -RV

Pacwest motocross

​2019 Pac West MX Schedule

Woodland MX                   March 16, 17

Eugene MX                        April 6, 7

Albany MX                         May 11, 12

Washougal MX                  June 8, 9
GHORV                              June 22, 23
Pacific Raceways              July 13, 14
MotoWest                         August 3, 4

GHORV                              August 17, 18


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The revival of the Pac West series began in April of 2015 when RV was in Europe competing in MXGP.  He explained his desire to start a Series in the Northwest after he retired.  2018 seemed like the year since there seemed to be riders that wanted a different option. 

With a simple format it will fit riders on a budget as well as riders who want the confidence a practice day will bring them the day before the event.  It will allow rider’s who work in the industry to make a Sunday race and not miss a race held on Saturday.    

The series also wants to be mindful of the health of the track facilities that are involved.  Track owners have year-round expenses (rent, equipment, insurance, etc) and revenue is a must in the summer months in order to navigate a revenue-free winter. It makes a lot of sense to work together on scheduling with the tracks versus the tracks reacting to the scheduling of multiple promotors and track series’ that run on overlapping weekends.  GHORV cancelled their track series to help.  To be clear, there will never be a perfect scenario on scheduling.

Open communication began between the track owners on a “track co-opted” series began in November 2017.  Tracks would put on/promote their own races, manage their own revenue and kick back a few dollars towards year-end awards.  $5 per entry throughout the series will be used to fund year end awards.   

The dealers involved with this series will honor Moto Bucks.  We want riders to be involved with dealerships as much as possible.  Increased traffic into dealers will enable more relationships to be built and more riders on each dealer’s respective team.  When riders sign up to race they will sign up under a dealership.  For MX to remain healthy the dealerships along with the rider, track, and OEM’s, must work together.       

We invite you to support your tracks, your dealerships, and come race with us!

2019 Race dates

Contact info: pwpginfo@gmail.com

“Ryan Villopoto to take the lead on the New Pac West MX Series” 9 time AMA Supercross/Outdoor Champion wants change to Washington state motocross. He sees a unique opportunity to fix the broken motocross racing scene by offering a 7 race series that brings the dealers and the riders back together.  Too many race series were overlapping and causing low turnouts. I have a plan to have a super series that is only 7 races and hits the best tracks in Washington. Saturday practice and Sunday racing. Giving the local dealers a chance to participate. Saves the family’s money and makes it possible to finish the series.

Pac-West MX Dealers Challenge Series

“The premiere motocross series in the northwest”